Sometimes an idea comes along and you figure, its a bad one. However, you decide to do it anyways and it somehow becomes a blessing in disguise, showing its immediate and awesome benefits. This is exactly what Jin Ueno was trying to say and prove with his VIP Style Prius. Straying from the extreme widebody and crazy fender flares that many people are opting for, Jin decided to go with a more conservative route with a reasonable amount of camber and not subtracting from the utility aspect of the car.

Jin calls upon Aimgain for their Hybrid Type 5 aero kit to further the flowing lines of the Prius. In addition to the flawless Aimgain pieces, Jin decided to add unique wooden accents on the exterior of the Prius, something that is usually found on the interior of higher end cars. A duckbill rear spoiler and Aimgain roof spoiler fill out the rear while the Toyota OEM window visors create a wider feel to match the lower valence of the aero kit.

These wonderful detailed shots help fully illustrate the amount of detail and thought that goes into a build of such caliber. Shot by the magnificent, Randy Goco, these pics are some of the finest that help tell the story of this car.

Weds Mavericks 709M in Samurai Gold, wrapped in Falken Azenis 453 can be found sitting neatly under the fenders. Measuring in at 19×9+47 all around, these wheels sit comfortably after adjustments to the Airrunner SP Low Kit coupled with Air Lift Suspension AutoPilot V2 management. Combined with a speciality seamless air tank powered by a Viair compressor. Hardlines route the air that ensures that this car can get over bumps and clear nearly any obstacle that comes Jin’s way.

Above, a custom pinstripe, done by Po’Boy lines the sides and rear of this car, accentuating and breaking up the shimmering black paint with a crimson streak.

Below, the interior of this Prius is decked out in full VIP gear. From Aimgain neckpads and seatbelt covers to the classic Junction Produce white fusa, this car also sports some more unique pieces like the Kyoei front table and shifter knob.

Ironically, Jin wanted to be conservative with this VIP build, something that isn’t very common nowadays. However, he wanted it to “not lose any functionality of the car.” It still had to be drivable and cool. To do this, he kept the camber at a reasonable amount to prevent excessive wear on the car, something this writer can agree with. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the double digit negative camber, I just can’t have my bank account in the negatives as well.

All in all, Jin says that he wants to help push the envelope in making the Prius a platform that people will not hesitate to modify. He states that the car has plenty of good reasons to be a great candidate as it has plenty of aftermarket support in terms of modifications. In addition, there is also plenty of units on the market in the sense that Prius are not far and few. Of course, if you factor in the gas mileage, reliability of Toyota/Lexus, and you have a winning formula. Make sure to visit Kyoei USA website to learn more about Jin and his shop!

Источник: stancenation.com



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